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About me


I'm Hayley. I orginally come from a town in Hertfordshire, not far from London, but moved to Norfolk when I was 9. I currently reside in Norwich, it's wonderful city, with my husband, Sam.


I credit my parents with giving me a love of travelling from an early age. As a family we spent whole summers in a tent (then a caravan) along the wonderful coasts in the south of the country. It was there that we discovered everything we could about them. I wasn't taken to places like Butlins, or amusement parks, no, I went to castles, stunning landscapes, seasides, country walks and quirky cities. Going to those places gave me such fond memories of truly discovering our wonderful country and the scenery it has to offer. 

When I was 11 we ventured on our first holiday abroad. For many of my friends, this included places like Disneyland Paris. But for our family of 4, we headed to an Italian town, high up in the hills of Tuscany. We stayed in a little village where we were the only English-speaking people, and it couldn't have been a better first holiday abroad.

It was there I learnt to absolutely love and cherish another country and their culture. I spoke Italian with the local children, ate traditional, authentic food and followed the Italian custom of staying up until midnight in a piazza surrounded by love, laughter and music. 

I may have only been 11, but the traveller inside me had been born! Since then, I have been 5 more times to Italy (as it has my heart) and many other places along the way. 

I've always loved writing and in 2013 I graduated with a Journalism Degree. I spent 10 months working for my local newspaper with a goal to move into travel journalism before moving into a marketing role. 

That goal has resurfaced and I've started freelancing as a travel writer, and I am loving writing about what I love most. 

If you have any questions and would like to talk to me about a potential story, please get in touch!


Hayley Hoggarth, travel writer
Hayley Hoggarth, travel writer
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